IORI, first sustainable company in the fruit and vegetable sector in Italy

Source: “Il Corriere Ortofrutticolo” (Italian magazine)

Europe’s fifth largest rating agency, Cerved Group, has produced an independent report after analysing 1.850 companies in the agro-industrial sector on environmental, social and economic sustainability. The first company in the fruit and vegetable sector in Italy was IORI (second in the overall Italian ranking). During the event for the presentation of the results, the company was rewarded in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture.

IORI: a carrot company at the top of sustainability in Italy

Source: “Il Centro” (Central Italy daily newspaper)

Since 1957, IORI has been growing vegetables in the fertile soil of the former Fucino Lake, at the gateway to Italy’s oldest national park.

Since the 1990s it has specialised in the production and packaging of carrots for large-scale distribution both in Italy and abroad. The company, which has been involved in social inclusion and biodiversity protection projects for many years, has invested in a modern production plant in the green heart of Italy (about one hundred kilometres from Rome) which will be completed by 2021.


source: “Il sole 24 ore”(Italian leading business daily)

Sustainable farms in agriculture are those with a greater propensity to innovate, to facilitate access and training for young people, more committed to offering stable and quality employment relationships, to support women’s work by protecting their rights, and to reconcile the demands of personal life and work.
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