Tradition and Innovation

In order to ensure the freshness and availability of the carrots all year round, we have extended the production to other Italian regions that benefit, in some months of the year, from milder temperatures .
Knowledge of the territory, cultivation techniques, storage and packaging processes guarantee our customers healthy and safe carrots in accordance with the current rigorous regulations. The expertise accumulated in over 60 years of business activity is now in the hands of the third generation of the IORI family.


Experience has taught us how to grow and when to harvest the best carrots in compliance with the agricultural supply chain and the high quality standards of Global G.A.P. (Good agricultural practice)


Technology allows us to Select, Weigh and Pack the product with efficient and rigorous processes (I.F.S. Food Certificates, HACCP)


Respect for our Territory and the Community to which we belong obliges us to minimize environmental impacts and reuse the residues of our processing cycles